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All pictures on this page have previously been shown on the website. Click on Picture for larger image.

Homage to Rodin I. Watercolour and graphite. 8ins x 12ins

Homage to Rodin II. Watercolour and graphite. 8ins x 12ins.

Joucas View with Clouds. Watercolour.

Aqua Alta I, oil on canvas

Aqua Alta II, Oil on canvas

Aqua Alta III, Oil on canvas

Aqua Alta IV, Oil on canvas

Tre Archi bridge, Oil on canvas

Beach near Zennor, Oil on Canvas

Canal in fog II. Oil on canvas SOLD

Fondamente Nuove. Oil on canvas SOLD

Canal in fog I. Oil on canvas SOLD

Putney Bridge on a Very Cold Day. Oil on board

Minus Six, Putney. Oil on canvas

Very Cold Day at the Sailing Club, Putney.
Oil on board.

Capturing Spring, Dafodils, Oil on canvas

Road to Croagne, Oil on canvas

Capturing-Spring, Magnolia.
Oil on canvas

Ochre Mine - SOLD

Late afternoon at the vineyard. Watercolour

Ochre mine, August sunshine I. Watercolour

Cliff at Lieux I. Watercolour.

Cliff at Lieux II. Watercolour

Goult topiary. Watercolour

Venasque landscape. Watercolour

View of Villars. Watercolour

Landscape. Isle of Skye. Watercolour and gouache

View from the house, Skye - SOLD

Round Windows and Trees

Provencal Landscape, Venasque

At the Chateau

Grapevines and Trees

Landscape, the Olive Grove

Olive Grove, Oppede le Vieux

Provencal Landscape, Murs

Zig Zag Path
Road to Villars
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