Oriel Gelf
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"I love painting the landscape, simply because it is always a wonderful sensory experience.  My pictures are a record of many things which affect me while I am working, such as the scorching sunshine or storm clouds overhead, the constant hum of bees in a field of wild flowers or the smell of lunch wafting through an open window. Recently I have been taking drawings and paintings made outdoors into the studio, using them as inspiration for new works made from memory.  This is an exciting new way of working and I have gradually started painting on a larger scale and with greater freedom and vigour, both in oils and watercolours.  Being in the studio means that the scale of a painting can intuitively evolve in a way that is not possible when working outdoors."

1st phase, Birthday Venice, Oil on paper

2nd phase, Birthday Venice. Oil on paper

3rd phase, Birthday Venice. Oil on paper
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